Financial Planning

Financial planning is the ongoing process of examining the client’s financial situation. Because our world is ever changing, we remain vigilant in constantly re-evaluating a client’s circumstances. This constant assessment enables us to make informed decisions regarding how to best work toward a client’s ultimate goals and objectives.

CenterPointe Financial Services’ comprehensive process begins with completing our Financial Profile for every single client. The Financial Profile is a working document that drives our entire decision-making process and maintains our focus on the client’s financial plan.

Savings/Wealth Accumulation

Savings/wealth accumulation is the continual process of evaluating your financial resources and determining the most appropriate investments and vehicles in which to allocate those resources. We begin with determining your current needs such as establishing a cash reserve, continue to intermediate requirements like education planning, and balance those against our client’s long-term goals such as retirement and generational planning.

Risk Management

Risk management is the practice of assessing a client’s potential exposures, which could lead to adverse deviations from our desired outcome(s). Through this process, we determine the most appropriate avenues in which to mitigate these variables and implement strategies that focus on debt planning to insurance planning to estate/beneficiary planning to investment management.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is the process of evaluating a client’s current income sources in their entirety, as well as future income potential. We then determine the manner in which to utilize those income resources most effectively, balancing income variables against a projected spending plan for both now and in retirement. Throughout the process, we assist our clients with making decisions that impact spending priorities, savings rate goals, distribution planning, and gifting strategies.

Distribution Planning

Distribution planning is the transformation of our savings/wealth accumulation process into a reliable income stream that is designed to last for the lifetime of a client. When deciding the optimal way to deploy assets, our advisors consider a multitude of inputs ranging from guaranteed income sources, to tax consequences and estate planning ramifications.

Coordinating with professionals is an integral component of a client’s financial plan, as situations often arise that require an expertise outside the scope of our practice, such as in areas of tax planning, trusts and estates planning, and property and casualty coverage. To address the full spectrum of these complexities, our advisors coordinate their efforts with your other professionals, and by leveraging these relationships, we form a unified plan that enhances the overall experience.