Our Approach

The CenterPointe Financial Services Client Experience

Client Centered

Our firm adds ease and simplicity to the complex and often daunting process of financial planning. We maintain open, efficient, and thorough communication channels with our clients with whom lasting relationships have been cultivated. Our firm provides an atmosphere of transparency, where clients can feel confident that their accounts are being managed efficiently and that our staff is always available to provide information or assist with issues. Our firm provides more than a financial plan, we provide a helping hand to implement the recommendations we make and structured follow up to ensure that clients make progress in their financial goals. Most importantly, our clients are certain that we are invested in their financial futures because we value them independently as people.

Initial Meeting
The Initial Meeting provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit and determine whether we are a good fit. We want to know what has brought you to our office and what you are looking for in an advisory relationship. We will also provide you with an overview of our investment philosophy, our advisory process, and a full description of our fee schedule for services. We believe it is important at the onset of any relationship to set an appropriate expectation level for all parties. Once there has been a commitment from both you and our firm, we schedule a series of planning meetings, which typically take three to six months to fully implement.

Data Gathering
The first planning meeting is always a data gathering meeting, where we focus on the more qualitative issues that will ultimately play a critical role in influencing your planning decisions. We then utilize the information collected during this meeting to help establish the foundation for our series of planning meetings.
Planning Meetings - We then hold a series of planning meetings where we discuss many of the non-investment related topics of your comprehensive financial plan, such as cash flow management, debt & debt structures, and insurance coverage – life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care, and property and casualty. This also encompasses many difficult items that often go overlooked, including estate and beneficiary planning.

Once we have a detailed understanding of your financial picture and your own personal goals and priorities, we will use our financial planning software to analyze your data, keeping in mind what is most important to you. We will run several projections using different scenarios to determine a plan of action that will allow you to pursue your goals. We will also identify cash flow inefficiencies, develop effective tax management strategies, and look for ways to help increase and diversify your investment portfolio.

Delivery Meeting
At the Delivery Meeting, we will present our research to you in clear, easy to understand terms, using our interactive software. You will have the opportunity to review different scenarios and change assumptions in order to obtain a full understanding of your current and projected financial health. We will also provide you with specific, actionable recommendations to help you pursue the financial and personal goals you identified in your Intake Meeting.

Implementation Meeting
Your Implementation Meeting will ideally be scheduled for a week or two after your Delivery meeting in order to give you time to absorb all the information presented. At the Implementation Meeting, we will review your financial plan, answer any additional questions you may have, and develop a plan of action going forward to help you pursue your financial goals.